•  Valour Rotary Machine

    EZ Tattoo

    Valour Rotary Machine

    VALOUR Tattoo Machines are consistent, smooth running machines that have a unique mechanism that produces a perfectly straight linear motion.It's ergonomic, silent design and low level of vibration help to cut down on the fatigue typically experienced...
  • EZ Tattoo

    EZ Bat Rotary Machine

    -price also includes:-3.0,3.5&4.0mm Interchangeable cam system-pro design 6 foot clip cord-2pieces EZ needle cartridge (for sample) -8000RMP / Running Volt: 5V Working Volt: 12V Max...
  • EZ circle Machine

    EZ Tattoo

    EZ circle Machine

    Specifications: CNC-machined aircraft aluminum housing 10W motor Weight: 145g Stroke: 3.5mm Compatible with both disposable and Hawk type grips DC connection Made by EZ
  • Radical Pen Machine


    Radical Pen Machine

    Radical Pulse Rotary Pen MachineFrom the builders who brought you the Toretto rotary and would be a great machine to your arsenal.This machine is compatible with all makes of cartridge needles on the market today, Hand assembled and made from space...
  • Radical Toreto *ORDER ONLY *


    Radical Toreto *ORDER ONLY *

    Liner or Shader - Liner & Shader: Most rotary are not great liners, but the radical can do it all. It can lay in those clean lines you are looking forNeedle Swing - 3.5mm swing lengthColour - BlackNeedle Bar - The machine slide...
  • ROGUE Pen Machine


    ROGUE Pen Machine

    The Rogue Professional Tattoo Pen. This machine uses a Standard DC electric motor and has 9800 RPM. The Machines work with Most Cartridge Needles and can work on any power supply. If you are looking for good quality pen without having to break the...