Petroleum Jelly | White Soft Paraffin (B.P Grade)1kg

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This is B.P grade petroleum jelly, which means the manufacturing process is regulated and must be of the highest and safest standard. 

Don't use CHEAP petroleum jelly for tattooing, as the grade can be very poor and can increase the risk of infection. 

200g - 1kg - 4kg size, comes in a white pail

Petroleum jelly forms a barrier to protect skin and lips from the effects of weather and exposure. 

At the same time this barrier helps to lock in the natural moisture in the skin and enables moisture build up to occour naturally leading to softer skin. Also used for relieving minor burns and chapping. 

Petroleum Jelly is commonly used to prevent nappy rash and soothe dry lips and skin.

It also finds many other uses in leather finishes, lubricating O’Rings, rubber and plastic parts such as grommets.


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