TATTECH Light Box - A3

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  • TATTECH Light Box - A3
  • TATTECH Light Box - A3


Brand - Tat Tech
Color - Black

A3 Size Info - Weight: 2.3 lbs, Total Dimension: 18.5" x 13.50" x 0.25" , Tracing Area Dimension: 12" x 17"

Product Info - This light box is ultra thin, and it has super bright dimmable LED back it. This light box can be super bright more then you would ever need. But you can dim is down to where it is easy on the eyes. Our cord is also 6.5 feet long and connects to the light box with a micro USB. The other end is your basic USB which can be attached to any wall outlet plug (Included) or even to a computer, laptop, or even portable cell phone charger.

All Light Boxes include a: 6.5 Feel Cord and USB Wall Outlet Adapter.

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