Quinke V.2S. 4mm Aluminium

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The original rotary machine "QUINKE V.2S" is manufactured by Eru Higa. The aluminum frame is available in eight colorful colors. You can choose your favorite color.
The V.2S. is equipped with a motor made by Foulhaber, a world-class manufacturer based in Germany and Switzerland. Compared to the Quinke V1, the V.2S. has more power with fewer revolutions and slower motion, making it ideal for styles such as Japanese style, American traditional, and dot work. Also useful for difficult areas such as the sides and hips. However, the balance between speed and power is important, as too much voltage will result in too much power and difficulty inking.

Auto clavable tubes, tips, and grips, as well as disposable tubes, are securely in place. The grips and needle bar are especially well suited for cartridge needles, so we recommend installing grips and needle bars specifically designed for cartridge needles. Other optional parts can be installed to change from clip cords to RCA cables.

4.0mm: long stroke
Suitable for line and colour packing

Frame: Aluminium
Weight: 184g
Voltage: 3.0-5.5v
Motor: Faulhaber Motor 6V.
Rotation per minute: 8,200rpm (8.5w)
Stroke: 4.0mm